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Lingard hairstyles finally updated in EA FIFA 19

Jesse Lingard have expressed is satisfaction after EA Sports finally updated his haircuts in FIFA 19.

Manchester United midfielder Lingard has previously tweeted the developer, annoyed with how his in-game avatar is represented.

When he contacted EA on social media about his haircut, Crystal Palace forward Zaha also got involved, unhappy that his trim had not been updated for the new edition.

Lingard was previously represented with saved sides, while Zaha’s dreadlocks were not present in the recently released game.

However, EA has now updated their titles to give the players their correct haircuts, and both gave the makeovers a virtual thumbs-up.

Lingard wrote on Twitter: ‘Finally after all these years’, while Zaha simply posted: ‘About time’, both under pictures of their updated virtual representations.

They are two of 50 players and managers who have been given a face lift in the most recent patch for the immensely popular football game.

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