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Jose’s press conference following Juventus victory over Manchester United

Press Conference

Jose’s press conference following Juventus victory over Manchester United

It was a really difficult match. They were in control, having a lot of the ball in the first half, hiding the ball from us, frustrating our intention to be positive in the game.

We were more aggressive in the second half, an effort by the boys, the same team played two days ago. There were not really attacking solutions on the bench to try – no Fellaini to try to change direction of the game we’ve done so many times. We’ve done the possible. I’m happy with the players. Since the draw, we’ve known it’s going to be a fight with Valencia for the second position and that is what we’re trying.

We played against one of the biggest candidates to win the Champions League and we did the best we could to get a different result, especially with the way we played in the second half. We didn’t get the result, especially because Mr Bonucci and Mr Chiellini could teach some Harvard University classes about how to be a central defender. Absolutely fantastic. A team with everything, they have talent everywhere, with Cristiano and Dybala of course in attack. That quality all over the pitch.

This was the first time Victor plays a game of this dimension and he had a positive game. Luke Shaw, at this level of the Champions League, had a good match. It was good experience for some of the boys – Rashford, Martial, Lukaku – it’s only his second season in it too. So we work. We work hard we try to improve our players, but quality is quality and quality in football is everywhere. When I say quality, not creative, beautiful, brilliant players – Chiellini and Bonucci are absolutely beautiful.

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Am a big fan of Manchester United FC right from birth ☺😉. I love soccer, i love my Club Manchester United FC... 😍😘

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