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Jose mourinho “still the boss” reminds chelsea fans once again with 3 fingers


Jose mourinho “still the boss” reminds chelsea fans once again with 3 fingers

Drama from the saturdays premier league game once again goes into wild with Jose Mourinho furious at one of sarri’s assistant coach Ianni by name.

Mourinho reminding chelsea fans of his 3 successful EPL title win for them

In a press conference before the kick-off, Mourinho already said he won’t celebrate any goals scored by his team he added.

Mourinho walk down to the edge where Manchester United fans where and applaud them for there support and love.


While he was walking down, the chelsea fans were chanting on mourinho by saying “Fuck Off Mourinho”Β which is very bad as a sign of disrespect to the boss after which he already told the media he won’t celebrate any goals scored.


The chant got to boss mourinho, he then react by raising up his hand, showed 3 fingers which simply means “I Won 3 EPL Titles” for y’all, show me some respect.

Believe me the boss Jose really deserves some respect and he stands on his world by not celebrating any goal scored by his team even when they started leading a 2-1 at 2nd half.

A throw back pick of mourinho 3rd EPL Title wins in chelsea

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Am a big fan of Manchester United FC right from birth β˜ΊπŸ˜‰. I love soccer, i love my Club Manchester United FC... 😍😘

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