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Former Red Devils defender Paul McGrath has called on United to let Pogba go once the offer comes in

Manchester United have been instructed to sell Paul Pogba because he’s treating the club like “idiots”.

Former Red Devils defender Paul McGrath

That’s according to former Red Devils defender Paul McGrath, who says if he was in charge of the Old Trafford giants he would sell the World Cup winner in this summer’s transfer window.

Los Blancos are reportedly looking to sell either James Rodriguez or Gareth Bale to free up funds for the France international before making an official bid.

And McGrath has called on United to let Pogba go once the offer comes in.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

“Paul Pogba seems to live in a world of his own, where he thinks he can run Manchester United because he’s so powerful and this, that and the other,” McGrath told Off The Ball.

“And he can’t. [United are] idiots if they let it happen anyway. I’d have him out of the club.”

McGrath added: “Paul thinks he’s all things to all people. I think he’s a fabulous footballer.

“That’s the problem I have with him. He’s a fabulous footballer but he’s concentrating on so many other things like silver watches and whatever watches he gets from whichever people.

“But he should be concentrating on playing football because he’s a good footballer. And, if he did concentrate on football, Manchester United would fly up the league.”

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Am a big fan of Manchester United FC right from birth β˜ΊπŸ˜‰. I love soccer, i love my Club Manchester United FC... 😍😘

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